Temperature Controlled Shipping Quote-Frozen & Refrigerated

UACL is the #1 Ranked Temperature Controlled Truckload Carrier in service & Security.  IS YOUR PRODUCT SHIPPED SAFELY AND SECURELY EVERY DAY? UNABLE TO ANSWER CONFIDENTLY? CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR Temperature Controlled Shipping Quote!

Ranked #1 in Service in Temperature Controlled Shipping


For over 30 years, UACL Refrigerated Logistics has solidified its position as a premier expert in transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Offering an economical alternative to custom shipping, we expertly manage critical products with both efficiency and affordability. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precise temperature control, monitoring ranges from -30°F to 100°F throughout transit. Furthermore, our drivers are dedicated to on-time pickup and delivery, with detailed temperature readings available upon receipt to provide a thorough audit trail. Additionally, our real-time freight visibility, updated every 5 minutes within 7 feet on Google Maps via EDI or web-based tracking links, guarantees transparency and accountability.

Beyond these services, we excel in handling dry and non-critical reefer freight at competitive rates. Leveraging our extensive network of reefers, vans, flatbeds, and intermodal equipment across our 62 terminals throughout the US and Canada, we maintain the highest service standards. Partnering with us is esteemed as an honor, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence in transportation logistics. Don't hesitate any longer to request your temperature-controlled shipping quote.

Temperature Controlled drivers


We take immense pride in our dedicated refrigerated drivers. In fact, they are not only top-notch but also maintain a presentable appearance, ensuring a professional and polished image for our truckload customers. Moreover, each driver is approved by UACL’s strict guidelines and undergoes required quarterly training on our standard operating procedures. Additionally, we provide our drivers with the best possible trucks to uphold our reputation and ensure their satisfaction with working for our esteemed trucking company. By partnering with UACL Refrigerated Logistics, you can be confident that your product will be delivered on time, every time.

temperature controlled trailer

Temperature Controlled Equipment

Top-Notch Equipment: Our Commitment to Excellence

At UACL Refrigerated Logistics, we exclusively employ top-tier, dependable long-nose Peterbilt trucks. Equipped with a 500 horsepower, 1850 ft/lbs, smart torque Cummings engine and an Eaton manual or automated transmission, each truck is designed for optimal performance. Moreover, our environmentally friendly Wabash trailers, paired with Carrier's highly efficient 7300 refrigeration units, offer an ideal solution for maintaining temperature integrity throughout transit. Undoubtedly, this combination is instrumental in achieving our goals of guaranteeing on-time delivery while ensuring temperature integrity throughout the transit.


Ranked #1 in Security in temperature controlled shipping

In a time where theft is becoming a serious issue, we are the industry leader in security.

The Cargo Defender Security System, developed by the UACL Validated Refrigerated division in collaboration with StarTrak, sets the standard for safeguarding freight during transit. In response to growing concerns about cargo theft, we've engineered the ultimate security solution to ensure the safety and security of your products throughout the shipping process.

Furthermore, our stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for drivers and operations serve as an additional layer of protection. Each SOP is signed by every team member, with immediate termination for any negligence detected. These SOPs encompass various measures, including the installation of glad hand locks and high-security padlocks on trailers when parked, mandatory 200-mile drives from the shipper, and required pre-loading showers. Additionally, SOPs cover protocols for handling lost and stolen trailers, pharmaceutical loads, operations, check calls, and monitoring centers. These protocols are available upon request and continuously updated to align with evolving technological advancements.

Moreover, the Cargo Defender security system represents cutting-edge technology designed to enhance freight security throughout the supply chain. With over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we've acquired invaluable insights and best practices in high-value freight management, further solidifying our commitment to protecting your cargo.

Refrigerated Temperature Monitoring

ReeferTrak Sentry tracking, monitoring and control system

ReeferTrak Sentry tracking, monitoring, and control system offer comprehensive monitoring capabilities for refrigerated trailers. Every 15 minutes, the system sends messages to an online platform accessible to dispatchers and customers. These messages include vital information such as trailer ID, message delivery time, GPS location, service state, mode of operation, fuel level, temperature set-point, temperature readings, ambient temperature, and battery voltage.

Most importantly, in case of alarms such as unit shutdowns, temperature deviations, or low battery voltage, the system promptly sends text messages to dispatchers' cell phones and emails to UACL reefer dispatch for immediate action. With ReeferTrak Sentry, you can ensure constant oversight and control over your refrigerated shipments, promoting efficiency and reliability in your operations.

Optional White Glove Services


Every trailer undergoes Thermal Mapping by Sensitech, a renowned leader in the field, to assess its thermal integrity. Sensitech issues a report certifying the trailer's thermal qualification, which is available upon request. To capture seasonal changes, trailers are retested every 18 months. Additionally, UACL's garage conducts monthly tests on the reefers to verify proper functionality, with all results documented in the monthly maintenance report. This rigorous testing and monitoring regimen ensures the reliability and performance of our refrigerated trailers, providing peace of mind to our customers.



5 Minute location updates sent to your TMS system via EDI documents in real time accurate within 7 feet on google maps.



High risk cargo handling with specialized trained drivers with strict SOP’s



Let us handle your complete transportation department and concentrate on your core business.


UACL Refrigerated Logistics is committed to safety

Operating our own fleet of safety patrol cars, we boast one of the industry's stellar safety records. Rigorous hiring and retention protocols, managed by our driver qualification/safety division, guarantee the recruitment of only the most qualified drivers. Mandatory safety meetings and online courses underscore our unwavering commitment to safety. Rest assured, our dedication to safety sets us apart. Contact us for more information and witness firsthand our exceptional safety standards.


We strive for excellence